As a Lackey things I have had to say goodbye to

Milk and coffee goodbye

Milk and coffee goodbye

Coffee – or more to the point lattes, and in the summer, iced lattes. At uni I could quite easily have said I had a Starbucks habit. Now one might point out I could have soya lattes – true. But have you tasted them! I have to have a lot of sugar flavoured syrup, therefore defeating the purpose of the drink really. Also added sugar, not good for you, or me. So this is good news for not only my body, but my bank account, and perhaps my moral soul (recent uproar about Starbucks not paying much tax in the UK). So its goodbye to milk in coffee, I now drink my coffee, black & bitter, and I quite like it.

Tea – black please. Amazing how the blend of tea matters so much more, a fine earl grey can be the one. Again no added sugar for me, I want to taste what I am consuming.

Yogurt – I don’t crave yogurt like I do some of the other items on this list, I don’t think ‘oh whats really missing is some yogurt’. However having just spent some time in Turkey its hard to escape yogurt there, for one they drink a yogurt based liquid with a lot of their meals (URGH! – but then the thought of milk brings on nausea now, not quite to the level of Stephan Fry and his dislike for skin on warm milk – listen to or read The Fry Chronicles – it is brilliant). But in Turkey they sell yogurt by the bucket in the supermarket. I’m not talking the lovely human sized buckets you get in your local Tescos of Greek yogurt I have seen about, I’m talking cement bucket sized, you need to come in a car sized, so you can get it home! So if you want yogurt go to Turkey, they know how to do it, among with many other things. The only time I think of yogurt is when other people have it, with cereal or has a little cheeky desert after dinner when you just need that something sweet, but otherwise not that bothered.

Cream – not that fussed, never like it and now never shall. All kinds clotted, double, whipped, single, aerosol (the worst possible kind). I have never indulged in these delights, I have always had my desserts creamless and my frappuccinos too, but then I have realised that I never really use to consume that much diary, hence the lactose intolerance coming about, it was only ever tea, lattes, the occasional bowl of cereal, bit of cheese, and a tub of ice cream. I shall however profess the sadness of not being able to enjoy a cream tea in quite the same way as I have in the past.

Ice cream – But more upsettingly Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked (the best of two very good worlds) and Italian ice cream. There was a time when I could devour an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting, but alas no more. This makes me sad that section of the supermarket is hard to walk past. On one trip to Italy with my cousin in Febrary, (it was cheaper) and we did a little tour, Venice, Florence, and Rome. It was quite cold, but I managed to eat Italian Ice Cream at least every other day – Gelato, and now no longer.

Butter – Like cream, not fussed. Always one to use olive oil over butter for frying something, and never one for taking a massive bite out of some butter. (Who would do that anyway!) Toast isn’t quite the same with out real butter, but there are so many margarine type spreads out there that it doesn’t really phase me at all. However some have milk solids in them, so I do have to be vigilant. Alas butter is in a lot of beautiful things, good cakes, pastries, and croissants.

Heroin – no word of lie, warned not to take as lactose might be used as a filler. Damn better stop that then!

That is a lot of cheese.

Cheese – Now if you happened to be a guest at my parents house, there are four things that might stick out in your mind. 1. What an eclectic collection of furniture we have. 2. What a lot of books we have not only in the library, but every room in the house. 3. What collection of vinyls my father has and teacups my mother has 4. What a ludicrous amount of cheese we have! My father loves cheese, my mother enjoys cheese, and my youngest sister doesn’t believe a meal really exists unless it has cheese. Christmas (or Cecilhatchmas) was hard, there was a lot of beautiful cheese, and yes I like it, I miss it. It sucks. However DID YOU KNOW! That hard cheese and/or cheese that has been matured for over 18 months has no traceable lactose, usually. Oh hello!! So I can enjoy some but it does mean…..

Homemade pizza - nom nom nom

Homemade pizza – nom nom nom

Pizza – I know. IT SUCKS. Don’t really want to talk about it. Look how beautiful pizza is!

I did enjoy the occasional chocolate milk.

I did enjoy the occasional chocolate milk. This one Producers (!) in California.

Milk – Smeah. Not that fussed, never been a fan. I’ve always been a toast over cereal, kinda gal. But you would be surprised how much stuff is made with milk, milk solids, milk powder, or just plain lactose. For instances crackers most of them have milk powder of some kind – so look out.  But the one thing that is worse than losing pizza is losing…

Some chocolate some of 'the boys' on set of the BBC's Julius Caesar bought me.

Some chocolate some of ‘the boys’ on set of the BBC’s Julius Caesar bought me, last year.

Milk Chocolate –

: (

Some brands of chocolate have lactose as an added ingredient to give it extra creaminess and texture, Lindt bunnies and bears for example. When I lived abroad British Cadbury Dairy Milk was a thing I missed, I mean how can you resist it’s beautiful purple wrapper and it’s perfectly formed squares, with that melt in the mouth beauty. There was Cadbury Dairy Milk in Malaysia, were I live for 5.5 years but it came from Australia, I believe and had a melting point that was much higher due to the climates that they sold to, and so was never quite the same. Diary  free chocolate is usually made from soya and doesn’t taste like chocolate, so I have turned to dark chocolate. Again like coffee and tea it has added to the enjoyment – to a degree. I can taste the difference in different blends, roastings, and types.



So I say goodbye.

It’s been nice knowing you.

You shall be sorely missed.






*** Coffee image and Cheese image taken from tumblr, all the others are mine ***


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