What to do when all the movies are dumbed in Turkish.

To begin with in Istanbul we had no dvd player, no car to get out, one sofa, no other furniture and I had exhausted all the film and TV on my computer. The joys of moving country again. The digital box we had set up had around 12 channels with movies – but they were all dumbed in Turkish. To a point Harry Potter and his chums discussing their best laid plans to bring about the demise of ‘He who must not be named’ or ‘O adında olmamalıdır kim ‘ is funny but there becomes a point where it is just too much. So I turned to a wonderful website that I read about in british Vogue; bnwmovies.com, it allows you to download black and white films and its all legal! So I enjoyed …

Great Expectations

Young and Innocent

The 39 steps

But I always turn to my favourite, the beautiful, entertaining, and classic Hitchcock’s ‘The Lady Vanishes’. I appear to be a little Hitchcock mad. But hey I work in film – I like good lighting.

The Lady Vanishes

And how can I refuse a film that credits a Cecil in the opening credits.


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