Exterior Sagrada Familia 2

exterior familia 3

Stain glass Sagrada Familia 1

stainglass familia 2

interior familia 2


Barcelona 3Barcelona 2

Interior Sagrada Familia

interior familia 1

My man in BarcelonaThe Falling Man

Stop that Man

going down the spire

Spiral stairs looking up

view from spire 2

So 6th date? Where would you go? ….. Barcelona? Sure.

Well stupidly lucky me, someone did take me to Barcelona last May (and yes it was our 6th date) he tried to keep it secret, but I have relentless researching skills, and a good knowledge of climates, and flight times. You know, from being foreign; having grown up all around the world. So if you are going to tell me roughly the temperature, the time of the flight, and the airport we are leaving from – I am going to find out.

So to Barcelona. The architecture is amazing, so intricate, with wonderful brick details, and sculpture, defiantly take a walk through the university district. It’s small tree lined streets, and winding lanes, transport you back to the times of  ‘A Shadow in the North’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafron a book I would suggest to anyone traveling to Barcelona,and if you can’t get there it will help you capture the atmosphere of the wonderful city.

Barcelona also has a beach for those who want that aspect of a holiday, it was lovely one morning we walked along the beach, had lunch at one of the many beach side cafes, and walked back in to the city – it is a if you walk through two completely different places.

The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is wonderful, awe-inspiring, breathtaking and completely worth the visit, but I shall come to that. We went for a long weekend, and many might miss out this little gem, we almost did, but walk to the Cathedral de Barcelona.  Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. The atmosphere in this little square is wonderful, dancers, music, and just to the left of the Cathedral is a little cafe, (sit inside). It takes you back to a whole different era in  Barcelona’s history – and its PACKED with locals having their long business lunches, the fashions of these smart ladies and gents is wonderful entertain will munching on your delicate tapas.

To eat and for an evening out walk down La Rambla, either direction is magical – but stop in on Placa Reial a square with restaurants all round the side. We didn’t find it till after dinner on our penultimate night, but shared a bottle of champagne. It was midnight and the place was still buzzing.

Getting bogged down by the history? Go to the MACBA the modern art museum, a wonderful building full of interesting ideas.

The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia won’t be finished till 2025 (or something like that) and its worth having a look, and worth queuing to see inside. The colours of the stain glass do no justice outside, inside dark corners are lit up with their striking tones and shapes. The subtle colours of the stone walk are awe-inspiring, and now a working place of worship music is often played inside. Pay the extra to climb one of the towers, well actually you take a lift up and climb down, the views across the city, the up close detail of Gaudi’s designs, and the magnificent spiral stair leave you breathless (only because you can’t believe you didn’t plummet to your death.)

Good 6th date.


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