I make films and work on them.

Screenings: London Short Film Festival 2012/BFI/Capture 2011/AV_10/Branchage 2011/Aestheica 2011/Royal Television Society/No Limits Festival

Worked with: Paramount Pictures/BBC/High Command Productions/Mammoth Screen/Blakeway Productions/Sugarless Tea Productions/Marine Film Services Ltd./Sterling Pictures/HBO/Bond 23

I am British and Foreign

Born: England.

Lived: More places than years I have been on this Earth. Vietnam seems to always be the shocker.

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

Currently: Sheffield/Derbyshire/London

Can’t sit still.


Can’t sit still – what I mean by this

I move around/I don’t like to waste time/I am always thinking/I don’t take fools lightly/I am not afraid of moving anywhere/and I love traveling

ps above is a picture of me in UK hadn’t been aboard yet so I am a bit older now


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