Alan wants to forget the things that have lead him to identity crisis but, in order to do so, he must confront them. The pitfalls of such a task could lead anywhere.The passage- way through his recollection is one that snakes between the pivotal and critical. His insular reflection will tempt the manipulation of his past. It waits with baited breath.

Written & Directed – Todd MacDonald

Produced – Emily Cecil

Sound – Ben Walker

Edited – Beth Cruise

Cinematography – Philip Cooper & Todd MacDonald


In the depths of the isolated countryside two brothers go in search of the once famous Mrs. Weavers; a former TV chef personality. Little do they know that she hasn’t been spending her days off perfecting her pie recipes. With no access to the outside world she has become more than a little unhinged in her desperation to preserve what she once had.

Written and Directed – Emily Cecil

Sound Design – Alia Khan

Art Direction – Naomi Roberts

Picture Editor – Ellen Parkin

Cinematographer – Thom Mason

Producer – Daniel Seiff

Staring – John Lowery, Adam McGil & Kelly Commander


‘The Hollow Man’ depicts a dysfunctional relationship between a father (Alan) and daughter (Emma). After having spent a lifetime failing to connect they find themselves among the ruins of their neglected time together. They are trapped neither here nor there, neither living nor dying as they linger amid rubble and machine. They are forced to face the task of catching up with each other and are finally able to confess their most intense feelings about one another. Their conversation is a struggle towards redemption, with the frailty of the surroundings threatening this at every moment. Before the beginning and after the end they reason about whether their lives will start for real or end for good with a bang or a whimper.

They are nowhere and its now.

 Written & Directed by Todd MacDonald

Produced by Emily Cecil

Sound by Ben Walker

Edited by Beth Cruise

Cinematography by Philip Cooper & Todd Mac Donald


Alan Wade & Emma Wass

A  selection of films I worked on in 2009/10.

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